Empowerment workshop for people with disabilities inaugurated

New Delhi, 11th March, 2016 Shri Vijay Sampla, Hon’ble Minister of State of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India inaugurated a 3 day workshop on skill elevation, empowerment and awareness for people with disabilities organized by Dr. Udit Raj, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) under the aegis of the Buddha Education Foundation. The inaugural function was held at the Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies, Rohini Delhi 85. Many people with disabilities and residents of the North West Delhi Parliamentary Constituency participated in the function. Many eminent speakers and subject matter experts such as Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Medical Director, Mahavir Hospital; Dr. Rachna Bharadwaj, Superintendent Kiran Centre; Mrs. Sanjana Mittal, Senior Coordinator, Ashtavakra Institute of Rehabilitation Science and Research; Dr. Praveen Suman and Dr. Imran Noorani from the Ganga Ram Hospital; Dr. Amzad Hussain, HOD (Hearing Impairment), Dr. Harish Kumar, HOD (DB) and Dr. Dhirendra Kumar, HOD (CP) were present at the inaugural function and will be conducting knowledge sessions throughout the 3 day workshop.

Shri Vijay Sampla said that he was extremely pleased that Dr. Udit Raj was conducting such programs for the development of his Constituency. He was also aware that Dr. Udit Raj and the Buddha Education Foundation were conducting a skill training program for women in cottage industries in North West Delhi. He also praised Dr. Udit Raj for taking the lead in building toilets and providing drinking water facilities in schools in his Constituency.

Shri Vijay Sampla also said that the program he was inaugurating would be a 3 day workshop to help resolve problems of people with disabilities as well as providing them awareness about their legal rights. He said that the Government, under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had started many programs and schemes for the welfare of people with disabilities. Our Prime Minister had seen a capacity to perform in people with disabilities, which had been ignored by many previous Governments. Keeping this in mind, the Government has launched the Accessible India program. He had also spoken about the problems faced by people with disabilities in his address to the nation in ‘Mann ki baat.’ Shri Vijay Sampla also said that the Government alone cannot solve all problems, society also has a very important role to play; the nation cannot progress while leaving behind any section of people.

Dr. Udit Raj said in his address that in the older days, people with disabilities were not considered to be equals and could not even access the common facilities of society such as temples and drinking water. Such discrimination continues even today, but maybe it is not as overt as it was earlier. However, he said that these awareness programs are the only way to remove this discrimination. Hence, Dr. Udit Raj requested the Hon’ble Minister that such awareness and skill elevation workshops be conducted in all 10 Assembly Constituencies represented by him in Parliament.

Dr. Udit Raj also spoke about the various schemes being run by the Government of India for the welfare of people with disabilities. The workshop being conducted would give the participants a complete overview of such schemes being run by the Government as well as knowledge about their legal rights and remedies. To ensure this knowledge, 3 senior advocates of the Supreme Court would also be a part of this workshop. Dr. Udit Raj also thanked Shri Vijay Sampla, Hon’ble Minister of State of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India for sparing his valuable time for this program.