Kumar Vishwas should explain that his grandmother brought sweeperess at the time of her marriage. Isn’t it human trafficking

New Delhi, 4 December 2017: Dr. Udit Raj, The National Chairman of All Indian Confederation of SC/ST Organization (Parisangh) said that the Sweeperess had come with grandmother of Shri Kumar Vishwas. Human beings can’t be brought in Dowry unless treated as slave or object. this act comes under that ambit of Human Trafficking and had she been alive, law would have taken its own course. Laxmi Amma (Sweeperess) got the support from his grandmother and grandfather to enforce exploitative custom to keep the faces under the veil. It is very sad that Sri Vishwas supports exploitative custom and tradition and it can be viewed in the video. The caste system which he should have condemned, is seen championing the same because a sweeper or sweeperess had no right to get education and share in governance. It is surprising that Aam Admi Party is yet to clear its stand on this. This supposes that it believes in giving second level treatment to the Women , Backwards and Dalits.

Dr. Udit Raj further informed that the struggle for reservation was fought by Dr. B R Ambedkar. Now Mr. Kumar Vishwas is trying to cover up his mindset that he did not indict Dr. B R Ambedkar rather it was about Ex-PM Shri V P Singh. This again proves that he has abhorrence and discriminatory mindset. If OBC are getting reservation then that tantamount breaking of caste fabric without annihilation of caste it is not possible to have an equal society and India can never become Global Power. Right of Reservation was not fought by Shri V P Singh it was Dr. Ambedkar who struggled and achieved. Shri V P Singh merely announced to implement the recommendations of Mandal Commission. Shri Vishwas should know that Mandal Commission was implemented by the Judgement of Supreme Court in 1992. He wants to preserve that social structure in which there was no participation by SC, ST, OBC and Women and resultantly support to a sort of slavery and feudal system.

Shri Kumar Vishwas has made serious allegations that the present government at the Centre is trying to break the religious structure of the country. He should clarify that who will demolish religious structure in 2019. Currently Dalit, OBC and Women are agitated and Aam Admi Party leader Shri Arvind Kejriwal is being cornered that, why he is mum on this issue. That means he is supporting in the statement of Kumar Vishwas. This issue is going to be raked up in coming rally of All Indian Confederation of SC/ST Organization (Parisangh) on 26th December. 2017 at Ramlila Ground New Delhi.