Dr. Udit Raj raised the issue of modification in Land pooling Policy in Lok Sabha

New Delhi, 12 March 2018, Dr. Udit Raj, Member of Parliament, North West Delhi raised the issue of modification in Land Pooling Policy in Loksabha under the rule 377. Dr. raj Said that the The Land Pooling Policy has been amended solely at the whims and fancies of the DDA to an extent that each farmers would be required to arrange Rs. 2 crore per acres for External Development Charges, farmers would have to consolidate at least 70% of contiguous land, which is improbable to happen, in a delineated Sector on their own, farmers would be provided only 1.10 of FAR as compare to FAR of 2.0 in the rest of Delhi, small and marginal farmers with less than 5 acres of land has been excluded from the policy, consolidation of fragmented land in the respective zone has been removed and if DDA would have to acquire any parcel of the land then the cost of such acquisition would have to be borne by the farmers. All these discretionary changes would result into complete failure of the entire Land Pooling Policy. None of these ill-conceived conditions were ever part of the original land pooling policy and the Hon’ble His Excellency was only expected to notify the well deliberated original Policy and prepare his offices for the implementation of the policy in accordance with the Land Pooling Regulations.

The Hon’ble Urban Development Minister may be requested to recall the ill-conceived amended land pooling policy and restore the original land pooling policy in its true form and manner.