Dr. Udit Raj awarded the Best Parliamentarian award

New Delhi, 30 March, 2018: Today Dr. Udit Raj Ji, Lok Sabha MP from North West Delhi was honoured with the award of Best Parliamentarian at a program organized at Vigyan Bhawan. Dr. Udit Raj received this award for best performance in public dealing. Dr. Udit Raj Ji received this award from Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister, Shri Hari Bhai Chaudhary, Union Minister of State and Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, Union Minister of State.

Dr. Udit Raj while addressing the gathering said that “there are very rare occasions when a Member of Parliament is awarded, generally the Member of Parliaments only honour someone or the other. I thank Fame India and Asia Post for taking such initiative. Many days after completing this survey, I came to know that the survey agency has awarded me the first place amongst all the MPs from India in the matter of dealing with the public. While meeting with the public, I myself feel that as much time as I give for the public, hardly anybody else gives to the public. I meet the public 5 days a week and do their work in front of them then and there only. Wherever a call is required, the call is made and wherever a letter is required, the letter is written and sent immediately. I even ask people to keep follow-up with me and my staff as well until the work is done. If in some work it seems that work is not legal or is not possible to be done then I refuse to do that immediately. I do not make people go round and round if the work is not desirable. I meet people not only in my office, but also in the constituency through Janta Darbars. During Janta Darbars I take all the officers of the concerned departments and authorities with me so that public grievances can be resolved as soon as possible. Once again I thank all the Ministers and MPs present here, Fame India and Asia Post the event organizers, who thought of honouring the MPs doing great works.

The people from the constituency of Dr. Udit Raj also participated in the program to keep his pride and spirit high and also welcomed him with flowers at his residence. Former BJP legislator Neel Daman Khatri, former corporation councilor Vijay Raj, Varun Saini, Haridas Pandey, Vinod Sharma, Sanjay Raj, Vaishali Poddar, Rajneesh Tyagi amongst others joined the program.