S.No. Ward No. Reffered BY Nature Of Project Amount Sanctioned Date Of Consent Ward Name
1 39 Shri Prabhu Dayal, Municipal Councillor, Bhartiya Janta Party, Ward No. 39, Sultanpuri, P-4/438, Sultanpuri, Delhi-110086 (Mobile: 9210811499) 4 Semi High Mast Lights in Mpl. Park opp. E-1/104, E-6/128, E-2/493 and opp. D-7/10, Sultanpuri 14.12.16 Sultanpuri Majra
2 39 Prabhu Dayal 4 Semi High Mast Lights in Mpl. Park opp. H-2/64, H-1/287, H-3/49 and govt. School E-Block, sultanpuri 14.12.16 Sultanpuri Majra
3 39 Prabhu Dayal 3 Semi High Mast Lights in Mpl. Parks opp. D-5/228, Jagdamba Mkt., DMS Booth No. 1615 and Mpl. Park P-4 Block, Opposite Terminal 908, Sultanpuri 3347522 14.12.16 Sultanpuri Majra
4 39 Prabhu Dayal 4 SHM Light with pole in the following Mpl. Parks. 1. Opp. E-1/104, E-6/128, E-2/493 & opp. D-7/10 Sultanpuri Ward 39/RZ 2. Opp. H-2/64, H-1/287, H-3/49 & in Mpl. Park opp. Govt. School E-Block Sultanpuri Ward 39/RZ 3. Opp. D-5/228 Jagdamba Mkt, old Fish Chowk, Opp. DMS Booth No. 1615 & Mpl. park P-4 block, Opp. terminal 908 Sultanpuri Ward 39/RZ 3347522 14.12.16 Sultanpuri Majra
5 37 Ms. Sushila Bagdi, Municipal Councillor,Ward No.37, Office Room No.206, 2nd Floor, Dr. S.P.M. Civic Centre, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, New Delhi-110 002 (Mobile: 9811862996) P/F 3 nos of semi High Pole with LED light in Mpl. Park near A-4/70 to 72, B-2/394-395 & M.C. Pry. School Block B-2, Sultanpuri, ward No. 37, Rohini Zone 922603 12.10.16 Sultanpuri East
6 37 Ms. Sushila Bagdi Open Gym in B-2 Park, Primary School, Chander Shekhar Azad Park 809793 20.5.2016 Sultanpuri East
7 37 Ms. Sushila Bagdi 2 Semi High Mast Pole with lights in Mpl. Park near C-1/71 & 72 & C-2/157 to 159, Sultanpuri, Rohini Zone 614715 12.10.16 Sultanpuri East
8 Ram Swaroop Sawariya 9212817753 6 RCC Benches & Toilet & Bathroom Complex in Shri Shri 1008 Anant Shri Durbalnath Dham, Sultanpuri 25,23,800 28/2/2017 Sultanpuri
9 Prime Minister’s Relief Fund awarded to 4 People
10 No. of Janata Drbar Conducted – 3
11 R O and Water Cooler has been provided to MCD School, sultanpuri