Khampur Adarsh Garam

1. Work has started at Shamshan room, roof and flooring
2. Bridge work which is connecting to the Cremation ground, got sanction over the drain will start soon.
3. Floor extension of Balmiki Chaupal also got Sanction and work will also start soon
4. Barat Ghar reconstruction project sanctioning is being delayed on the part of Irrigation and Flood Control Department.

Other than the above listed projects where government is doing would state what we have done with the help of volunteer and other corporate funding
1. Dispensary and path lab established for which Villagers had to go to Alipur earlier
2. Health camps were organized twice
3. Water tower installation
4. Skill development training for women was done for Achar, Papad, Agarbatti by Buddha foundation
5. Skill development was done on art and craft, stitching, candle making, home decor by Mese frankfurt
6. Wall art was done on Chaupal funded personally by Dr. Udit Raj
7. RWA is in process for formation
8. Computer centre was opened on a nominal fee (computers and resources were given by Dr.Udit Raj
9. Projects identified for CSR (Rs. 30 Lacs) of Airport authority is in the process

Work done by Team Enactus
So as per the need assessment surveys being conducted by team Enactus following work was done by them

With the help of Media Tech 16 Toilets have been constructed in homes and in remaining houses it will be done soon. Thus the village will be deification free.

Water Management:
Coming to water management, we have identified an entrepreneur who will act as a water supplier in the village and earn money through that.

Skill Incubation Center:
Under this we have made an entrepreneur who has mobilised 15 people to skill centers and providing them training and employment.

Our team went door-to-door and trained single person from each house how to use Paytm, Bhim App and also the same has been taught in schools to various classes.

Cultural Centers:
As per the survey of our team, we found there is lot of casteism, so after a long brainstorming session and ground research by the team, we came up with the model of cultural centre to bring people together.

Waste Management:
Under the waste management, the drums which will convert waste into manure have been set up and we have found an entrepreneur who will be looking after the drum and churning it on frequent basis.

Awareness Drives:
Our team has conducted various drives in village, awaking people regarding Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana, Mobilising youth, Gender Sensatisation, Spreading Awareness, Motivating them and initiating them to work.

Disaster Management:
Training Since nobody in this world can tell about the uncertainty, and in all the cases people loses their important documents, and money. So we have prepared sample disaster kit and are having mock drills as well.

Cow Dung bank:
Training in each and every house The visit to the streets in the villages depict the unutilized cow dung in the village which can be used for manure.

So our team came up with very innovative model of cow dung bank where there would be an entrepreneur having lot of cow dung will be purchasing cow dung as a deposit and selling and also making manure of the remaining so as to bring in the part of sustainability.

Coming to the problem of open deification in the village, we have been researching and are in talking terms with various vendors for setting up bio-toilets or eco san toilets which will also recharge groundwater acting as a source of recharging groundwater and saving water for future purposes.

With the help of Media Tech 16 Toilets have been constructed in homes and in remaining houses it will be done soon. Thus the village will be deification free.

In addition got sanction of phirni road reconstruction after a consistent pursuing by Dr. Udit Raj's office and we also got Chaupal floor reconstruction work initiated for which work is going on and will be completed soon